In the 525 Hosting Control Panel, there is also a handy tool allowing you to use a brand new PHP framework in seconds. The Frameworks Installer tool automates the entire procedure on your behalf, and therefore eliminates the need to obtain, add and afterwards configure your framework prior to starting your enterprise. You will find yourself prepared to start off your framework reliant projects almost immediately, with no effort.

A range of frameworks readily available

Commence your online enterprise by employing a framework

There are several PHP frameworks online which are rivalling to offer the top platform for your websites. Our PHP Framework Installer provides some of the more well–known and widely used PHP frameworks: CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, and YII.

Every one of these frameworks could very well be set up with a mouse click and is updated to the newest stable version all the time.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework set up

Your personal PHP framework is simply mouse click away

The PHP Framework Installer is created to operate on the same basic principle like our App Installer – using minimum effort needed from you as well as the system carrying out the hard work on your behalf. PHP frameworks are set up with just a number of clicks without any installation needed by you. Everything you need to do is specify the place of your PHP framework. That’s it.

We maintain a record of the mounted PHP frameworks and you can un–install each PHP framework that you don’t need with just a mouse click.

1-click PHP framework installation

1–click data backup

The quickest solution to back up a framework

In case your information is online, the most effective way to safeguard it is undoubtedly by having a backup. We provide periodic data backup for every one of the Linux website hosting accounts. Nonetheless, if you’d like to be in complete control, it is possible to back up your frameworks at any moment. We’ve made a smart system that allows you to generate a backup with merely a click of the mouse.

There is no limit for the amount of backup files you could make or on how often you may create them. All backups will be placed in a directory within your account. As long as you have available space, you could make as many new backups as you want.

1-click backup